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Free Touchless Car Wash || Car Wash Canada 🇨🇦

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel! In this video, I'm going to teach you how to get a free car wash in Canada. This video was recorded at an Esso gas station in Brampton, Ontario. In order to get a car wash for free, you need to use an Esso Extra card. Esso is the name of a branch of a gas station available in Canada (and other countries). At Esso gas stations, where car washes are available, there are 3 different types of car washes at different prices (in CAD): Premium/Luxury wash - $15.99 Standard/Full wash - $11.99 Budget/Quick wash - $10.99 With the Esso Extra card, you can earn Fuel reward points over time through purchases which then can be used to purchase a free car wash. The number of points required for each car wash type is as follows: 1 Quick wash - 499 points. 1 Full wash - 599 points. 1 Luxury wash - 699 points. NOTE: prices and points may differ in different regions. Thank you, for all your support and love! If you are new to my channel or hav